Welcome to my page! I decided to create this blog to expand upon my food posts, describe in better detail how some dishes come together, and create a more comprehensive archive of my journey through food!

My culinary journey really started once I started graduate school in 2016. It was the first time I had to really cook for not only myself, but occasionally for Amanda, and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing (she can attest to that!). I grew up eating really good home cooked meals that my Mom and Dad would make and so that’s where I started! I quickly realized the dangerous power of being able to make all the basic desserts that I had loved so much as a kid whenever I wanted, but luckily I run a lot of my dessert calories off.

Once I had those family favorites down, I started to branch out and that’s when the love affair with food began. Ever since then, I’ve grown and developed skills and techniques and am always looking for fun, new challenges that will help advance my culinary arsenal and help me become more and more well-rounded. I hope you enjoy the content on my page and thanks for taking the time to look around!